In awe

I find myself in awe. In awe of God, in awe of what I’m learning. In awe of where I am living and how perfect my roommate and I get along. In awe of how much I am learning in only two days and in awe of God. (I know I said it twice but it needs to be said twice).

The people that I have met here (at CanIL) have completely blown my mind. I do not know how I have been so fortunately to meet such amazing people who are all completely living for God. I am challenged by my fellow students and love being surround by people who are not from around here. People have come from all over the world and it is so incredible! I don’t know how God has orchestrated this all but he has, and he brought me here. I am so thankful for this!
School has been incredible! I know it has only been two days, but what an incredible two days it has been. I have been challenged and have already learned so much (already learned some phrases in Indonesian, how to recognize and dictate approx. 10 IPA letters, and how to speak some of these letters). Although I have not been feeling well I have still been able to enjoy these classes (even my grammar class!)
Along with being sick, my roommate has been such a blessing! I cannot begin to thank God for Audrey. We have fit together like two peas in a pod from day one (yes that was only two days ago). We are able to encourage each other and we laugh constantly. We both have a what’s mine is yours policy and she made me both breakfast and lunch today because I was sick. Doing homework with her is also a blessing as she has already done most of these classes but they did not transfer so she has been helping me to understand concepts better and I am able to help her with learning new languages (since I am somehow able to pick them up really quickly).
My trip out here was also amazing. Evelyn and I drove over three days out here and camped for two nights. We experienced some highs and lows but had an incredible time during it. I cannot begin to thank God for Evelyn and the friend that she has been to me over the past two years, and having her come with me out here was incredible! Plus she got to meet Audrey and agrees that we get along incredibly!
Finally, I am just in awe of God and his creation. B.C. is absolutely, incredibly beautiful! I cannot begin to thank God for the beauty that I saw on the drive out here and the beauty that I get to experience each day.
Prayer items:
-          Sickness - I have had a nasty cough and sore throat since I got here and it is only getting worse. This has been affecting my concentration in class and I also feel a little off in the head. It is also making Phonetics class difficult as I am supposed to repeat back words but have a hard time doing this without coughing.
-          Stamina and Motivation – the course load is heavy and I have to work hard to keep up. I was up till 10 doing homework tonight (2 day!) and I know this won’t be the last day I put in hours of homework.
-         I thank God for bringing me here and ask that he will show me what’s next.


  1. Awesome to hear Kaitlyn. Your cough is probably due to the severe humidity change. Calgary is a desert so any time you go somewhere more humid your lungs have an adjustment period. Used to have it happen every summer when I visited my grandma. Ginger Tea with lots of honey will soothe your throat and you'll probably stop coughing once your lungs have gotten rid of the extra gunk. It would still be prudent to see the doctor, but I wouldn't worry too much. Glad to hear things are going well. Maybe I'll talk Nic into taking a road trip to see my Grandma and we can visit you on the way.

  2. Sorry I can't figure this out, but who is Lady K?


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