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Post Grad

Today I watched a movie called Post Grad that showed a young woman who had just graduated from University with all the hopes in the world. She was determined and optimistic. However, as time went by, and her job search proved fruitless, she became defeated. She had to move back in with her parents and felt like her degree hadn't helped her at all.
At times I feel very much like this young woman. Although I am not living with my parents, they are helping me to get by as I am struggling to find the right fit. I currently have two jobs (hostess at Milestones and Student Enrolment Advisor at Rocky), but I am not yet covering all my expenses, thus the search continues. My dream job is also yet to be found. Many friends and family have been giving great ideas and suggestions for what I should do, but I do feel like God has me where he wants me and I am waiting for my perfect job.
However, my biggest desire in life right now is purpose. Purpose. I want to be used for God and all around…