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100 Days in Spain

Wow! 100 days already! Somehow it seems like way less and way more at the same time.
Over the past 3 1/2 months, lots has happened. I have moved, settled in a new house, and begun language study. I have gone from very minimal Spanish to being able to follow a bit more. I am now able to use 1 of 5 Spanish past tenses and present tense, which still leaves a long way to go, but I am beginning to be able to converse in more than just what is happening to me at this present moment! On Monday I have my final exams and hopefully I will pass and officially have an A1 level of Spanish. (In order to begin ministry I have to have a B2).

My Spanish A1 Class
Many of you have also been asking if I am enjoying the warm weather here. To be honest with you, it actually isn't that warm (although two days this past week we got sun and plus 15!). Recently, it has been raining a lot. I would compare the weather to Vancouver. There is no snow (although we had hail one day), but the wet cold is somethin…