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Christmas Blessings

Christmas is typically a really hard time for me here in Spain. Seeing as it is usually a time for family to gather together, I frequently find myself lonely and alone. This year in an attempt to avoid these feelings I said yes to absolutely everything that was offered and seeing as I am slowly making more friends, this meant that my schedule filled up quite quickly.

It officially started for me December 5. My friend Nayra had invited me to Gran Canaria to spend a week with her and her family. She is originally from there so it was amazing to have the opportunity to explore with a national. I loved every minute of my time there and although we did some amazing things, the best part for me was getting to know her family and friends and just getting to deepen our friendship. It was quite fun to see her in that setting and to get to know a different side of her.

Following that trip, I few out to Canada hours after I arrived back to Madrid. This is the first time I had returned "home…