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Ever feel like you're overwhelmed and have too much going on? How many times is your answer to "How are you?" Busy. This was me. Run down, exhausted, with no energy. I didn't have anything that was spurring me on. I didn't have a passion. A desire. A driving force.
This past week God asked me to give up everything. EVERYTHING. He stripped me down to bare bones and made me search for him. I had been asking for Him. Searching for Him, but without giving up things in my life and it just wasn't working. I constantly cried out to Him asking why I was always tired and had no zeal for life. I was trying to figure out why. Then God broke me. Completely broke me. I had nothing to do but search for him. I took away things that distracted me (food, TV, facebook, pinterest). And with all the spare time that I had usually used to distracted my brain from dealing with what was going on, I spent time with Him. I sat in His presence. I read His word. I sang music to Him and…