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Highs and Lows

November has already been quite an interesting month for me! I have been quite busy and I've had highs and lows.

This past week I was quite sick for most of it, but God was gracious and gave me exactly what I needed when I needed it. I also had midterms this week and since I have such bad test anxiety I was worried about it, but once again God provided for me.

On the exciting part of things, yesterday was an extremely successful day for me! I finally got a Spanish phone number! I am so thankful for this as I no longer have to carry two phones and I just feel as if the whole world is opening up for me. I also had a bit of homesickness this past week and God provided in little ways for me, like Rice Krispies and Ginger Ale. What gifts! :)

An interesting event that happened this week was reverse culture shock. I had gone grocery shopping with Angela (a fellow Canadian) and we ran into Debbie (the field director's wife). As we were standing there speaking in English a man came up …