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Wow what a last couple of days it has been for me. I only need say one word and you know what I've been up to... IKEA. Although here it is pronounced (EE-Kay-Ah).
On Friday, we made the official trip with what we thought was only a few items to buy. We packed up Adam's car, and the four of us (Adam, Josue, Laura and I) made the 40 min trip to IKEA. Upon arrival we pulled out our lists and got ready to go through the maze. We were originally planning on taking only 1 1/2 hrs to do our shopping, but decided we might need longer so planned for most of the day. Our time started out normal enough, Josue and Laura looking at couches while I looked at different chairs. Then we continued onto desks, beds, mattresses, office chairs, bedside tables, shelving units, bar stools, and the rest of upstairs.
At this point it was 1pm and we decided to stop for coffee and an early lunch (yes early in Spain!). Then we attacked the second floor. This took quite a while as well as we needed, kitch…

Setting Up House

Well, its been 7 days officially. In some ways it feels like I have been here for so long and in other ways it feels like I just got here.

Today was a crazy busy day as we went shopping to buy things I need to live. It has been quite interesting setting up house here in Spain as everything is different (as is to be expected). Today we (Adam, Angela, Josue, Laura and I) went to a couple of stores to buy some things for the house, but it started out slow. We arrived at Alcampo, a type of Walmart all in one store, but still quite different. The first things we looked at were coffee makers and toasters. We tried to find 2 different coffee makers and a toaster and were unsuccessful in locating them ourselves so we asked for help. We waited quite a few minutes for the first person to come help us, but when she didn't arrive we ask another person to come help us. He arrived and told us that those things were out of stock and he couldn't guarantee when they would be back. This started…

New Experiences

Well I have officially been in Spain now for 3 days! I can't believe how quick time is flying by and yet it feels as if I have been here for far longer than 3 days.

Today I have been reflecting on the new experiences and embarrassing moments I have already had in such a short amount of time. I thought I might share some of them with you. :)

To begin with though, I'm going to give you a bit of a recap to my last few days.

On Tuesday September 6th, I finished packing, said goodbye to the farm and headed to Calgary to get ready for my flight the next morning. It was a sad and surreal experience, but I am thankful for the extra time that God had given me there.

Wednesday morning came early, partially because I didn't sleep much that night and partially because I am just not a morning person (just ask my Mom!). We had planned on being at the airport by 7:30 but were a bit late because of me and Popcha. I worked on getting checked in, my flight connected, and my bags weighed and…