Wow what a last couple of days it has been for me. I only need say one word and you know what I've been up to... IKEA. Although here it is pronounced (EE-Kay-Ah).
On Friday, we made the official trip with what we thought was only a few items to buy. We packed up Adam's car, and the four of us (Adam, Josue, Laura and I) made the 40 min trip to IKEA. Upon arrival we pulled out our lists and got ready to go through the maze. We were originally planning on taking only 1 1/2 hrs to do our shopping, but decided we might need longer so planned for most of the day. Our time started out normal enough, Josue and Laura looking at couches while I looked at different chairs. Then we continued onto desks, beds, mattresses, office chairs, bedside tables, shelving units, bar stools, and the rest of upstairs.
At this point it was 1pm and we decided to stop for coffee and an early lunch (yes early in Spain!). Then we attacked the second floor. This took quite a while as well as we needed, kitchen tools, bathroom things, dishes, garbages, laundry baskets, towels, pictures, and everything else you can find on the lower floor of IKEA. We finally had made it to the final stage of IKEA before paying... picking up the furniture. This seemed to be quite the headache as I had written down the wrong numbers of a couple of things, Spain just generally does things differently.
Once we finally got all of our things together, we pushed our 5 carts up to be paid for. Maldonado's in one line, I in the other. We were finally nearing the end... or so we thought. At the checkout line, we had planned for all our funds to be put into Adam's bank account since we have run into a couple of issues getting a bank account here (welcome to Spain!). But when he went to pay, his card locked him out due to the amount that we were buying. So I thought, no problem. I will use my Canadian MasterCard. Nope. That didn't work either. In the end we used Adam's Canadian credit card and all was paid for. Now we just needed to pick up our mattress and get home... wrong again!
While we were waiting to get our mattresses, I decided to push myself a little a go get ice cream for us all. I mean, it's in Spanish, but its IKEA so how hard could it be?! As I waited in line I practiced what I was going to say, "Cuatro helado por favor." (Four ice cream please). When it was my turn I pulled off my line without a hitch... but then she asked me another question. I thought it was something to do with a cone, so I just nodded my head and hoped for the best. Now to pay. But wait... he brought me an ice cream before she was ready, now two, now three, now four. Oh man... how am I going to hold four ice cream and pull out my wallet and pay? I somehow managed to get one hand holding all four ice creams, pulled out my wallet with the other, paid and left. Still not 100% sure how it all worked out! But I did it! I officially can get ice cream all by myself at IKEA!
The only issue being that while I was gone, the guys realized they forgot the couch we had picked out at the very beginning. While Laura and I waited I watched Adam's ice cream drip all over me and prayed silently that he would come soon and the ice cream would hold out for him, and most of it did!
We now had 8 carts and only a small car to get it all home in. We talked about getting IKEA to ship it to us or getting Romanians to pack it into on of their vans outside and bring it. We went with the second option since it was cheaper and we could get all our things immediately. We made our way back, unloaded and then began dividing our things. My stuff was easy to get into my house since I live on the bottom floor and have an entrance through our garage. The Maldonado's things were more difficult. We have 12 steps up to our main level and then another set of stairs to get upstairs to their level. But we managed to do it (although we did break one of our tile steps going up to the house)! Then the last couple of days has been busy building furniture. We still have lots to do, but I am thankful that I now have my own bed and a comfortable mattress. Funny how that makes all the difference.
Yesterday we also host our first party. We had a BBQ and Pool Party at our house for all SEND Spain members that could make it. About 30 came it was a great time, although it was quite cold. Only 4 of us made the brave dip into the pool (2 of us Canadians) and most of the party was held inside do to the wind.
Today I attended my second service at San Fernando church and I was able to sing along with almost every song (all songs I knew in English). I'm slowly learning more and although I am struggling to have a conversation with people at church, I am getting better one on one.
Well, that's what's new with me!
Until next time.
Adam's Car

Our Romanian Moving Van

All the boxes

Our Spanish BBQ

Hosting People for the first time with all my furniture!


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