Setting Up House

Well, its been 7 days officially. In some ways it feels like I have been here for so long and in other ways it feels like I just got here.

Today was a crazy busy day as we went shopping to buy things I need to live. It has been quite interesting setting up house here in Spain as everything is different (as is to be expected). Today we (Adam, Angela, Josue, Laura and I) went to a couple of stores to buy some things for the house, but it started out slow. We arrived at Alcampo, a type of Walmart all in one store, but still quite different. The first things we looked at were coffee makers and toasters. We tried to find 2 different coffee makers and a toaster and were unsuccessful in locating them ourselves so we asked for help. We waited quite a few minutes for the first person to come help us, but when she didn't arrive we ask another person to come help us. He arrived and told us that those things were out of stock and he couldn't guarantee when they would be back. This started out our shopping with a lesson in the ways of the Spanish. We'll get to you when we feel like and even if we come it doesn't guarantee we can actually help you! Flexibility is key and I am thankful that God has given me a little bit of this trait. As we continued shopping it took a lot longer than usual as our typical brands were not available or very expensive so buying things became a bit of a roll of the dice, hoping we got nice enough stuff to work, but also not wanting to spend too much money in case it wasn't good and we needed to re-invest in something different.
We made it through 3 stores with a bit of luck and I ended up getting quite a few nice things that were fun to open! It was like early Christmas. :)
Today I managed to acquire:
- a toaster
- a kettle
- a cart for groceries
- a blow dryer
- an electric toothbrush
- a popcorn maker
- a peeler and a pearing knife
- some kitchen utensils
- a spanish coffee pot
- some cleaning supplies
and a looked at some washers.

I obviously have a lot more I need to set up house, but I am so thankful for the few things I have. Today I even hosted my first "guests" (Adam, Angela and their son Ben) for a meal. It was nothing fancy but it was fun and it was in my house (or my part of the house).

Well tomorrow is another big day and it is already 1am my time!
Till next time.


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