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Back Home

Well the summer has finished. I am now back in Calgary wondering what's next and feeling as if CanIL never really happened. But I finally saw my course marks today thanks to all your prayers and support my lowest mark was a B (I can only believed that this happened through God's grace, strength and intervention).
Looking back it is so strange. I still have a fb page that I am involved in that we started at CanIL to communicate and a few friends on the internet and in my phone, but for the most part this summer has been cut off. A completely different part of my life that I have no idea what to do with. I cannot yet see where and how God is going to use this in my life, but somehow I feel like he will.
Looking back, it seems as if the summer was only good and not hard and I that that is due to God's grace and love and because I don't want to remember the stress, long nights and lack of sleep! However, the friendships, lessons learned and growth that I expereinced I am…

Home Stretch

One week. Three exams. One paper.

Written like that it seems so easy. So quickly over. So exciting and yet so sad. Everything I have learned academically, relationally, spritually. How can it all be over in one week? How can I measure the value of learning to persevere? How can I measure the value of all that I have learned? How can I measure how much I have learned how to rely on God?

God has gotten me through. Yes this has been so good, but it has been incredibly difficult. Yet I wouldn't give it up for the world. Would I do it again? Ask me another time. When I broke my feet I knew that I would see the benefits of that and I did. I thank God for the lessons I learned through that experience and I thank him for growing me. When I look back on my summer at CanIL I hope I can do the same.

I am already done one course. Phonetics. One of my favorites. I got to learn all the sounds of all the languages in the world. It was so much fun. I had three exams this week. One on Productio…