Back Home

Well the summer has finished. I am now back in Calgary wondering what's next and feeling as if CanIL never really happened. But I finally saw my course marks today thanks to all your prayers and support my lowest mark was a B (I can only believed that this happened through God's grace, strength and intervention).
Looking back it is so strange. I still have a fb page that I am involved in that we started at CanIL to communicate and a few friends on the internet and in my phone, but for the most part this summer has been cut off. A completely different part of my life that I have no idea what to do with. I cannot yet see where and how God is going to use this in my life, but somehow I feel like he will.
Looking back, it seems as if the summer was only good and not hard and I that that is due to God's grace and love and because I don't want to remember the stress, long nights and lack of sleep! However, the friendships, lessons learned and growth that I expereinced I am eternally thankful for. I know that God brought me to CanIL for a reason and although I do not yet know what that reason was, I will patiently wait to see if God reveals that to me.
Currently, I am in Calgary, houseless, jobless and floundering a little. But I know that God will provide as he always does (still prayers are appreciated). I don't know what's next and my plan is to pay off loans until God tells me what's next. It will be a lot easier to follow him if I am not held down by student loan payments.
If any of you has an inkling into what is next for me I would love to hear it! :)
I pray that God blesses each of you for the way that I have been blessed by and through you. I think this blog will continue but it will be a lot less frequent and random. However, if you'd still like to hear about my random and crazy life (which I love!), I'll let you know!


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