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Estar a tus Pies

Recently, I have been feeling a spiritual battle on all fronts. I am exhausted on so many levels and I have been battling stress and feelings of depression. This morning, I decided to take a morning to just be with God, to refocus and to remind myself of His presence with me. As I was clicking through music I came upon one of my new favourite songs, "No hay lugar más alto" (There is no place higher). It was such a needed song today so I have included the link as well as a translation.

A tus pies arde mi corazón                          - At your feet my heart burns
a tus pies, entrego lo que soy                        At your feet I surrender who I am
Es el lugar, de mi seguridad                          It is the place of my security
Donde nadie me puede señalar                     Where no one else can mark me.

Me perdonaste                                               You forgave me
Me acercaste a tu presencia                           And brought me to your presence
Me …