First Week

Well I have officially been here for a week! I cannot believe it! In some ways it feels like it has been longer and in some ways I am overwhelmed it has been a week already(but mostly the former). God has been so gracious to me in my life here and showing me that this is exactly where he wants me, but more than that, he has helped me to really grasp concepts faster than I ever imagined.
In one week of school I have already learned so much I should be overwhelmed; but I rarely am. God has been so present in my readings, studying and in class quizes. However, I do have an exam tomorrow that I am a little nervous for (and which I should be studying for right now...). Its crazy to believe that after 1 week of school I already have an exam, but then again, there are only 9 weeks in my semester.
Another thing that God has been gracious in, is community. A big part of living here is the work and homework, but living in community is something that I am struggling with (yes I am struggling with it). Finding balanace between homework and spending time with people is hard - not to mention trying to keep up with friends and family and boyfriend back in Alberta. One huge blessing has been community meals. At the beginning of the semester, we decided to do cooking groups in which all who were interested split into 3 groups and we rotate through cooking, cleaning and a week off every week. This has been so amazing and such a blessing along with keeping me from having to cook and clean every day! These times are set apart to spend time getting to know one another and building friendships that I don't think would've happened otherwise. God has given me a time that I can rationalize not doing homework or sleeping to spend time with others and I am so thankful for it.
Our rooms have heavy doors that automatically close so we do not see people when they walk past and thus Audrey (my roommate) and I have spent many hours just sitting in our room doing homework and not even talking to each other. This has been something that I did not expect. However, today for about 2 hrs we propped open our door and allowed others to come in a chat and that was a really cool event.
Talking with other students is such a blessing as every single one wants to follow what God has planned for them and they all want to go overseas. I am challenged daily to submit my will to God's and follow what he has planned for me. However, a times I find it difficult that I have no idea what I am doing in just 2 months and many of those here know at least the next year or so. But at the same time I love the peace that God has given me to just sit in his will. Tonight I received peace from God that I am not going down the Bible Translation route and it was nice to know at least one option that I will not be following.
To continue with my random stream of thoughts, I have also been blessed by my proffessors. The way that they have reached out to us as students has completely changed my view of the student/teacher model. Our profs care about us each individually and take the time to get to know us and our stories, how they can pray for us and what are our likes and dislikes. They even join in on activities including volleyball, games nights, hiking and other community events. As well we have a night once a week where they share their pictures and stories from overseas and tell us how we can pray for them. This has been such a blessing.
I guess to wrap up, I can finish with some prayer items since I have solely been filled with praise.
- if you could pray for my studies and balance in my life that would be greatly appreciated
- I can thank God that I am no longer sick and I thank you for your prayers about that
- pray that I will draw deeper into God's presence each day and that I will get to know him in a new way.
Thank-you all for your prayers and support.
Random side note: Today I went to Brian Doerkson's church. He didn't lead worship this week but will in future weeks. It was quite fun!


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