New Accomplishments

About a week ago I received a letter from a gentleman in our church. He has a gift of prophesy, prayer and and encouragement. I found out that the 6 page letter that I received from him was only one of well over 20 letters he hands out to people in the church each month!
When I first opened this letter, I was overwhelmed by all the Spanish and I put it on my desk in the "later" pile. I have quite a few things on that pile of things I either don't understand yet or I haven't yet completed on my very long "to do" list.
Well, today I felt that I should at least try to read this letter. I was pleasantly surprised to find on the first page scripture that he had written in English, although half of it was cut off so I ended up pulling out my Spanish/English Bible and did my best to understand the passage in Spanish! I really enjoyed seeing how things were written in Spanish and how the translations differ in certain ways.
The rest of the letter was poems and encouragement and although I had to use my google translate a little bit for the most part I was able to understand and figure out what was being said. This for me was a HUGE accomplishment and so of course I had to share with you all!
                                          The six page letter and my Spanish/English Bible

Also, below are a few pictures of the nature that God has been blessing me with! I feel so grateful for how much love he pours on me through the nature around me!

                                A poppy field. Being a Canadian the significance is really amazing!
                                          A real poppy! Not the plastic ones that poke you!
                                     Did you know that a poppy is actually really quite soft?
                        My roommate and I went for a walk and God blessed us with this beautiful sky!

                          One of the things that I have always appreciated about being a farm girl
                          is the night sky with all the stars and a bright moon. Right now I am so
                 blessed to be living in a small little town where I can still enjoy the stars and moon!


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