Summer Musings

I had been told on various occasions by my coworkers, "You think life is busy now? Just wait until summer!" Naive little me thought nothing of it and instead I decide to fill my summer with lots of activities and people not knowing what lay ahead. On the other side of the summer, finally getting a break that is longer than 3 days I can say the they were right!

Don't get me wrong this summer was incredible and I was very blessed to be involved in lots of amazing things as well as explore a lot more of Spain and understand the culture better. However, I have been slowly trying to recover and I think I will need about a week of nothing before I can fully function again.

This summer had lots of ups and downs. There were times I was so frustrated with the language or the spiritual opposition I just wanted to pack my bags and return to Canada. BUT God blessed me majorly by giving little victories within those hard times to help me grow and remember why it is that I am here and that He alone provides my strength and energy.

This summer also brought along with it an amazing gift... a new niece! This has been such a hard blessing for me. I am the type of auntie that drops everything and goes when a baby is born. I especially love being there for the first couple of months and giving tons of snuggles and watching them learn how to smile and hold their heads up. However, I have been far away. There have been many joyful mornings when I wake up with pictures of my nieces and nephew on my phone ready to be enjoyed as well as many sorrowful moments when I wish I could've been at that family dinner, read a bedtime story or sat and held my new baby niece. I am learning what it means to thank God in all circumstances.

As I approach the 1 year mark I am in awe of how fast it has gone and at the exact same time that I actually made it through. I have heard that it doesn't get easier but that each year has its own struggles and joys, but I am thankful that now I can say - well I made it through one year, why can't I do another!


  1. Welove you and will be praying for the needs you share. God is so honored by your choice to be faithful to His call and leading.


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