SAD... Replaced with JOY!

SAD... have you heard of it? Not the emotion but the Seasonal Affective Disorder. Although I have never been diagnosed, I do believe that I have this problem in my life. It affects me during the winter or even during grey days. Luckily I moved to Spain where there is a shorter winter, but each day was a lot harder due to culture shock and living in a new country.

So... a couple of months ago my organization asked for our yearly goals. I struggled for a while with what do about this, but I just kept hearing health. Emotional, Physical, Mental and Spiritual. These past couple of months I have been seeking to improve on these things.

Today I decided to go for a walk/hike through the hills around my little town. I had often noticed how beautiful it all was as I drove up the hill but I had never actually gone and explored. So, today was the day! I went for 1 1/2 hrs with the goal of 10 000 steps! I had my Spanish Christian music in hand and really truly experienced God in such a deep way. Right now everything is in bloom! We have greens and purples and oranges and whites and I LOVE it! I know it will all be gone soon do to the heat wave that is a Spanish summer, but I'm determined to enjoy it while I can!

As I was walking back to my car and reflecting on the beautiful creation, I realized that all of my items had been checked off! Today I feel better Emotionally, Physically, Mentally and Spiritually! I know that each day is a battle in its own. In fact it often is each hour or each minute, but I am thanking God for the gift of this morning and the refreshment He gave to my soul.

Below are some pictures that I took while exploring! Enjoy and let me know how God is speaking to you, and/or what you have explored recently!

By the way.... Since I last wrote, I have taken my drivers written exam... and PASSED! Thank you all for your prayers! Now I am preparing for my driving practical exam. I am hoping to take it in May since April is already full.


  1. It is May. Got an appointment for that scarey practical driver's exam. Good luck!

    1. Yes I do! It will either be the 16th or the 17th!


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