Boundaries and Adventures

I just realized it's been almost a month since I have written on here. Time has been flying by!
But more than that, time has been hard.

This past month has been a hard month of learning, adjusting and growing. I have been learning lots about Spain, lots of language and most of all lots about myself.

These last couple of weeks, I have been just trying to survive as I had put huge expectations on myself of where I should be and what I should be doing. However, this has now changed.

This past week I decided to make a BIG change in my life. I decided to drop a class. At first I was embarrassed about this because I should be able to handle the workload I have been given, but after some consolation with other missionaries and my team leaders, we believe that doing less things, but doing them well, is far better than doing more things at a lower standard (while also running myself dry). At this point I already am feeling much better. The stress level is down and I'm beginning to feel like myself again! I also have found that my language is coming along better because I'm using what I've learned in class rather than just trying to survive class.

I also have learned how to say No. For any of you who know me well, you know that this word isn't used very much in my life. But this week I have learned how to stand up for myself and put healthy boundaries up. I have learned the importance of doing this and I hope that this lesson sticks so I don't have to re-learn it!

On a whole different note, tomorrow, I leave for two days to a town north of Madrid called Segovia. Three of my classmates and I have decided to go explore it since we have heard about it in class quite a bit. It is a town with beautiful aqueducts and also just north of it is the castle that Disney modelled Sleeping Beauty's castle off of! How cool! If you want to see pictures just google Segovia! I am really excited for this trip not only for the adventure and learning more about Spain, but also for the opportunity to spend some extended time with these ladies. Two of them I have been having coffee with every day during our 30 min break in class. Please pray for me as I try to be a light and share with these ladies.

Until next time!


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