Driving Exam Story

Hello again!

As most of you know I have been working on getting my driver's license here in Spain. I began this whole process in November and I am happy to say that I finally passed my exam yesterday! However there is a story that goes with it, so I thought I would share it.

My first exam went well more or less but I ended up failing. So this time I knew that no matter how I drove it was all up to the examiner and God. When we arrived, we saw our instructor (L) and the first group of four that had gone that morning. We found out that everyone in their group had failed and that we would be having the same examiner. Our group of four was split into two groups of two and Angela and I ended up going in the second group. When the first group got back we found out that neither of them had passed either.

Out of Angela and I, I drove first. I was nervous but had peace and for that I was really thankful. I think I drove ok until I came to a stoplight that switch right at the worst moment. I knew that if I went through I would run a red light and if I stopped I would be stopping very quickly and on a pedestrian crossing. I hoped the second option wouldn't be an automatic fail and I slammed on the breaks. The examiner let me finish my driving time and then Angela and I switched. Angela drove perfectly and the whole time she drove I knew that I was going to fail and that Ang was going to pass. So, when we made it back to the exam centre and the lady told me that I had failed and Ang had passed it wasn't that much of a surprise to me. She told me that because I slammed on the breaks so quickly I could have easily caused an accident by being rear-ended. I thanked her and Angela and I got out of the car. We waited to the side while M (our driving instructor) and the examiner talked. Just like the first time I drove I saw them talking and wondering if maybe there would be a chance she would realize that was a really tough saturation and I did what I thought was best. However, last time, my driving instructor (L) spoke to the examiner and told him that Angela and I were both good drivers and deserved to passed and he agreed but decided to fail us anyways.

When M and the examiner exited the vehicle, the examiner came right over to me and explained that if I had been driving a little faster I should've gone through the light, but that the rest of my drive was really good and so she decided to change her mind and pass me! It was a complete shock and I couldn't believe it! I know that this was all God because it is very uncommon for an examiner to change their mind. I am also thankful for M who fought for me and explained that I do know how to drive and it was just a tough situation. So there you have it! That's my awesome driving story!

Angela and I will get our short term license next week and then the real one will come in the mail in a month! I am so thankful that this part of my life is done!

                                        Our learners car. Gala is the driving school company.
                                      Me, M, and Angela after we found out we passed!!
                                     Izquierda and Derecha, also known as Left and Right!


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